Talking about the difference between true and false of Rolex green water

Hello, I am a time concept, today to give you a big hot and true contrast -rolex replica green water ghosts, this watch whether it is genuine or engraved are hot replica watches, it is estimated that some people have been resistant Could not live! The The Green water ghost as Rolex family in the most classic diving masterpiece, from listing to swiss replica watches now are maintained a very high heat, the same green ghost is also a super hedge watch. The main place to fix is ​​the color of the outer ring, and the texture. Let me take you today to appreciate the charm of this watch it! The The The The Old rules data, poison map offer! The The Well, the beginning of our evaluation; in fact, the focus is to see the color of the outer ring! The The The I believe you are most concerned about! The The The Give you a picture of a true, first guess guess! The The The In order to facilitate the observation of gen is true, first of all we look at the front view, in this V7 version of the contrast, we are most concerned about is his green circle. Duck feces green finally no longer. And authentic green emblem mouth. Another point of view, the outer ring, there is a slight difference in the color contrast, but I think this color to do this level is really not easy, in general I believe we will be satisfied with this version also to us A satisfactory effect. In order to let everyone see more clearly, another point of view in the sun, but much better than the original kind of green, you look for the previous can feel, the previous version as a conscience, are not recommended to everyone, but this The The The The Give you a good look, zoom in for everyone to see, the color of the outer ring or it! The The The And the font has changed or can, and genuine outer ring looks consistent! The The The The And then look at the details of the point, the size of the whole point or no problem, but the calendar this font is slightly thick, this has been a problem, can not open so fine oil mold! The The The This is all common! The The But for the level of domestic, is still good! The The The Time concept of professional for your service! The The The Night pearl contrast; time concept said on a version of the night pearl existence of the problem is too full, after this thinning is still good, and genuine like a lot! The The The The 12:00 bit contrast; this is a macro shot, you can see that there is no genuine so rounded, but also limited technology, the concept of time has always been the truth is to say, do not think he said that the product is so powerful! The The The We look at the side, this is to see about, the following for everyone to a group of macro, see a clear! The The The Come here to see this group of macro, take a look at how to do the first, you can definitely meet the pursuit of the process! The The The The Back cover this is the strength, Pass is absolutely good to do, did not think this mold is still good! The The The The